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Derrick Pearson

One of today's anointed songwriters, musician, composers, arrangers and producers; Derrick Pearson has certainly lived up to his nickname "Doc". Known to many as the music doctor, he is a real musical innovator and his longevity in the music business proves he is blessed of the Lord.

As a child growing up in the Washington, D.C. area Derrick Pearson was drawn to music and learned to play the bass guitar and keyboards. He performed with local groups and soon started to fulfill his passion as a producer and songwriter. At the age of 15 he began to record his music in local recording studios and immediately realized that the recording studio was where he belonged. It didn't take long for his gifts and abilities to be recognized by local artist. His music was used for local TV theme songs, and he soon went on to compose the hit songs for local Washington D.C. artist. From operating so prolifically in many different areas from songwriter, to producer, to bass guitar player, to keyboardists, he gained the nickname "Doc" which sticks with him even until today, as the musical antidote.

Doc soon transferred from local artist to national artist composing and producing hits for renowned secular artist like the OJays, the Whispers, & The Dells just to name a few. His songs have been selected for use in film and TV shows like Miami Vice, The Equalizer, and Inside NBA Stuff. His achievements and awards include Best Producer award from the Washington Area Music Association, D.C. Government Outstanding Musical Service award, and the Recording Industry Association of America Certified Gold Album award. Derrick possesses an AA degree in Business Management, a BS degree in Business Administration and is currently involved in advanced religious studies. He is and active member of the music department at his church and has used his musical talents as music director at numerous church events and Christian programs in the Washington D.C. area. Doc states that of all his many musical and natural blessings and achievements, the achievement he is most proud of is his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, his 28-year marriage to his lovely wife Lamara and his two daughters Shakina & Shari.

Derrick "Doc" Pearson's gifts and talents from the Lord have led him to fulfill Gods call on his life; to write, compose, produce and minister music for the glory of the Lord. Doc gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1990 and since that time has only used his gifts talents and abilities for the building of the kingdom of God. Doc states that, "this poor man cried and the Lord heard me and saved me out of all my troubles." Derrick "Doc" Pearson answered the call of the Lord to preach the gospel through music and song. He spends countless hours in his state of the art recording studio writing and producing music and plans to release numerous CD projects on his nationally distributed label IAM Music Company LLC His first CD release entitled "I Sing a New Song to the Lord" continued his innovative and prolific career. His second release "Lord you are my everything" gave the body of Christ the inspirational classic "The Stone has been rolled away". Derrick Pearson & New Covenant are back with their latest release "You & me Time" destined to become a gospel favorite.

Enjoy the music ministry of Derrick Pearson. You are sure to be blessed and edified.

Derrick Pearson & New Covenant

"Derrick Pearson & New Covenant" is a Christian outreach ministry whose mission is to offer praises to the Lord Jesus Christ and to encourage listeners to seek the Lord with all diligence through their inspirational, spiritual and gospel songs. The ministry is comprised of born-again believers who acknowledge that their musical talents and abilities come from the Lord, therefore they belong to the Lord, and they use their gifts to exhort the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Each member is an active participant in the music department of their individual Churches, and they individually and collectively strive to live a life representative of holiness and godliness.

Their musical gifts can be heard on the three IAM Music Company CDs "I Sing a New Song to the Lord" "Lord you are my everything" and their newest offering "You & me time" by Derrick Pearson & New Covenant

Vocalists Tahesha Jones, Adrian Gause, Shari Pearson, Dennis Jenkins, Rita Hollins, and Chip Austin along with musicians, Alan Reid, Antonio Brown, Elvin Thomas, and producer, songwriter and Minister of Music Derrick Pearson have come to lift up the name of Jesus Christ in music and song.

Open your hearts, minds, and ears to receive from the Lord as you enjoy the music ministry of Derrick Pearson & New Covenant.


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